CHF 99.00

CHF 99.00 / price per 1 carton

CHF 16.50 / price per 1 bottle

* Minimum order for this product is 1 carton that consists of 6 bottles of JAYA DEI COLLI – EXTRA DRY – DOCG. The price for one bottle of JAYA DEI COLLI – EXTRA DRY – DOCG is CHF 16.50 (VAT included) and per carton of 6 bottles CHF 99.00 (VAT included). 1 bottle contains 75cl of Prosecco.



A delicate symphony between the fine bubbles and the aroma which will release the full flavour of this Prosecco. JAYA DEI COLLI reveals the inseparable links between the sky and the earth. For centuries, Mother Nature has shaped the lands of Valdobbiadene and we have adapted our working techniques to preserve its wealth. JAYA DEI COLLI is made of 100% Glera grapes all harvested by hand.

Grape variety: 100% Glera

Aromas: The fine bubbles will release JAYA Extra Dry’s refined character and the freshness of the grapes.

Perfect serve:

  • Place the bottle in a bucket, fill with ice and add water. Leave for 20 minutes at least before serving
  • Take out the bottle, remove the foil and loosen the cag by turning 5 to 6 times
  • Firmly grip the cork and the cage while rotating the bottom of the bottle with the other hand (rather than twisting the cork away from the bottle). Gently remove the cork
  • File each wide Tulip glass one-thirds full
  • Celebrate life drinking JAYA