JAYA Magnum Brut DOC

CHF 35.00.-

CHF 35.00 / price per bottle

* Minimum order for this product is 1 bottle of JAYA Brut DOC Magnum. The price for one bottle of JAYA Brut DOC Magnum is CHF 35.00 (VAT included). 1 Bottle contains 150 cl of Prosecco.


JAYA Brut DOC finds its roots in the wonderful plains between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano where the grapes reach the ideal maturity to produce this wonderful Prosecco offering it the perfect balance between bubbles and a pleasant yet discrete aromatic flavor. Each bottle is the result of the best that the region can offer when cared for. JAYA Brut DOC is made of 100% Glera grapes which are all harvested by hand.

With its elegant golden straw yellow and green hues. JAYA expresses its character with the caress of fine bubbles.

Grape variety : 100% Glera

Aromas : JAYA Brut DOC is dominated by the aroma of the Glera grapes. The light bubbles will release JAYA’s refined character and the freshness of the aromas.

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